Buying a home can be a stressful process, but it can also be fun. Being well prepared is the key to a successful purchasing transaction. It helps to understand the purchasing process so that the right expectations can be set. A good broker/agent can assist you in making this process run smoothly.

The purchasing process consists of a number of phases: purchase preparation, purchase action and closing.

Purchase Preparation:
       Decide on needs and wants for the new home
       Research local schools and select potential locations
       Check the housing inventory in your desired neighborhood
       Select a Centerstone agent to find you a new home
       Ideally get pre-qualified, so that a strong offer can be presented

Purchase Action:
       Be aware of new listings
       Visit properties with your Centerstone agent as soon as possible
       Determine whether the house meets your criteria
       Prepare an offer with your Centerstone agent and have it presented
       Enter into a contract by agreeing to a mutually acceptable offer

       Open escrow, schedule inspections and follow the time line
       Submit the loan application, provide required documents
       Negotiate any repairs/credits, remove contingencies
       Approve preliminary Title, H.O.A. by-laws and C.C. & R's
       Follow up, sign and close!

There are many details involved and your Centerstone agent can assist you! The better the preparation, the higher the probability of a successful transaction. Be aware that a seller may choose from multiple offers and typically will choose the one that meets his requirements best. Many more details will need to be addressed before the deal is "closed".