Selling a home requires careful planning. Depending on the location, condition of the house and time of year, it may be easy or on the contrary more difficult to find the right buyer. Depending on the sales criteria, different marketing strategies can be applied. Maximizing return, quick escrow, non-contingent terms can all affect the sales price of a house. Typically a marketing plan will address the following phases of the sales process.

The selling process consists of three phases: sales preparation, sales action and closing.

Sales Preparation:
       Interview brokers/agents and evaluate marketing plans
       Decide on sales cycle time line
       Determine what financing terms are acceptable, if any
       Schedule any repairs, prep house for sale
       Select your Centerstone agent, finalize marketing plan and set listing price

Sales Action:
       Enter into a Listing Agreement with your Centerstone agent
       Start executing the marketing plan
       List the property on the SoCal MLS
       Schedule property viewings and/or open houses if applicable
       Evaluate any offers that are presented
       Enter into a contract by accepting the best negotiated offer

       Provide required documentation: H.O.A. bylaws, C.C.& R.'s, etc.
       Provide access for inspections, agree on any repairs/credits
       Make sure the contract time lines are being complied with
       Provide all mandatory disclosures
       Relocate and prepare the house for delivery
       Follow up, sign and close!

It can be a daunting task, but your Centerstone Realty agent will assist you along the way! The better the preparation, the higher the likelihood that your transaction will go smoothly. Many more details will come to the table before the deal is "closed". But then, that's why you need a Centerstone Realty agent!